About me

After graduating from the Technical College of Light Industry, I started my studies as a photographer in the photographer’s school in Práter Street. Since then photography has been my main occupation, both in my leisure time and work.

I work as an applied photographer at Ágens (Agent ) advertising agency, thus my hobby, art and work are all there in my daily routine. In my works of art the main focus is usually on the human body, it is through the human body that I attempt to record moods, thoughts, emotions. I like taking photos in my studio, where I consciously pre-plan the subject. Later on I graduated from Bálint György Academy of Journalism as a photo reporter. I have participated in several international and domestic exhibitions.

I am a member of the Alliance of Hungarian Photo Artists, the Hungarian National Alliance of Creative Groups, the World Alliance of Hungarian Photo Artist, Ágens Light Painting Association and the Alliance of Upland Photographers.In 2010 I was awarded the title of International Photo Artist (AFIAP).